August 3, 2024

Headlining stone city centerfest partners 2024

As Montana's central gathering place, it is our mission to bring together hard working families through commitment, community and passion, while providing unparalleled service, brewery fresh craft beer, great wine wrapped into one warm restaurant!
We are passionate about helping our customers in 2 very simple ways:
  • Avoid Financial Loss, in all of its forms
  • Achieve Financial Success, whatever that may mean to you

We do that by securing your current financial position with a “brick wall” of total asset protection. This allows us to establish or update your retirement asset accumulation plan and create a retirement income distribution strategy that ensures your income isn’t eroded by inflation or devastated by market losses, then ultimately shift from your financial success to the significance we leave behind to family or organizations we care about with a tax-free wealth transfer strategy.

We Empower, Inspire and Invest in Opportunity, People and Communities to support and make social change.

Centerfest Music Festival is a proud pass through with 501(c)(3) Make It Happen Montana

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